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Distinctive Experience
The latest technologies have been applied in designing the beautiful sporty 207i automobile. This car has been highly popular among both the young and the families all around the world for its elegant and high dynamic capabilities, low fuel consumption, powerful engine, and compatibility with European up-to-date standards.
With beautiful design and lovely interior appearance, Peugeot 207i gives cheerfulness and special joy to its occupants.
The newest technical and engineering accomplishments of the world have been used in design and production of this car.
Peugeot 207i has a powerful (1600 cc / 16 valves engine (110 hp) and is supplied to the market with full options and in manual and automatic versions.
Low fuel consumption of engine 1600 along with its high power is some of 207i advantages.
Besides Iran, Peugeot 207i is manufactured and supplied in countries that are Peugeot's business partners like Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia and China. 207i has been suited with types of roads, fuels and the climates of different areas in Iran and other countries.
Sales and after sales services network in IKCO guarantees the quality of Peugeot 207i. Strength and long life of the vehicle spare parts can decrease in 207i maintenance costs.